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How EY can help

Global experience, local knowledge, the right skills

EY’s Forensic & Integrity Services practice can bring you the people, tools and insights you need to respond, manage and mitigate fraud, bribery and corruption risks to your business.

We ensure our processes and forensic methods support your business, by applying them consistently wherever you need them. In addition, we bring sector specialists, coupling their insights and detailed knowledge of industry norms with our rigorous forensic approach.

Leveraging new technologies

We have a global network of technology professionals providing a wide range of eDiscovery, forensic data analytics, cyber breach response, information governance and insider threat services on a global basis. Our multidisciplinary teams can deploy advanced technologies and professional services around the world, responding with speed and precision to complex regulatory and litigation matters requiring fact-finding. 

Preventing, detecting and responding to financial, regulatory and reputational risks

Our services can help you identify and respond effectively to specific business-critical risks. Our dedicated teams use informed judgment and leading technologies to help you protect your company’s reputation by mitigating fraud, bribery and corruption risk. We draw on our global experience and sector insights to anticipate and detect compliance breaches, procedural failures and lapses in business integrity which, if left undetected, can lead to financial losses and weaken market confidence.

You need to:

We will help you by:

Respond rapidly to allegations of fraud, bribery or regulatory breaches

Using our investigative experience, advanced forensic data analytics and eDiscovery tools to establish the facts, including what happened, how and why

Investigate across multiple geographies and legal jurisdictions in a consistent manner

Mobilizing our professionals at short notice, leveraging our global operating model and common forensic technologies

Understand potential bribery and corruption risks in target acquisitions pre- or post-close

Identifying the potential for exposure including specific business conduct, financial transactions and ownership or relationship links that could give rise to concern

Proactively prevent and detect fraudulent or corrupt activities within the business and conduct ongoing monitoring

Identifying patterns and indicators of potential fraud or corrupt activity by applying advanced forensic data analytics, including investigative data linking, social network analysis, artificial intelligence and predictive modeling

Respond quickly and effectively to cyber crime incidents

Undertaking a comprehensive investigation to assess who was involved, how the attack was carried out, what damage was done and how your cyber breach response program can be strengthened

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